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Ray County Marriages 1820 to 1834 Book 1

All of the marriage records on this page
Have come from microfilm held by the Church Of Latter Day Saints
Copyright remains with the writers of the book they were copied from
All records were left in original form as copied from the film

Copyright Page 1820 - 1824 1825 - 1828 1828 - 1830
1830 - 1832 1832 1833 1834

You will find at the bottom of the 1834 page that the author
Has made some additions. Evidently adding missed records.

The following are McGuire marriages found on a microphiche
also obtained from The Church Of Latter Day Saints
Missouri Marriages before 1840
Some are repeats of what is listed above, most however are not

12 April 1838 Elams McGuire to Catherine E. Lewis / St. Charles Co.
2 Aug. 1832 James M. McGuire to Lucinda L. Farrar
12 June 1827 John McGuire to Nancy Wheat / Ray Co.
7 Nov. 1832 John W. McGuire to Hannah Ranney
3 Nov. 1835 Thomas McGuire to Mira Pollard / Cooper Co.
6 Sept. 1838 William McGuire to Louiza Howard
4 Dec. 1834 William E. McGuire to Elizabeth Farrar
14 June 1839 Catherine McGuire to Joseph Motaw / Jefferson Co.
18 July 1833 Sarah McGuire to Daniel Medley / Jefferson Co.
21 March 1837 Malinda McGuire to Jesse Gooch
27 July 1837 Elenor McGuire to William Howard
20 Sept. 1835 Elizabeth McGuire to Greer Davis
11 Oct. 1838 Emely McGuire to Robert Brown
8 Nov. 1832 Susan McGuire to Adlai Brevard
10 Oct. 1828 Sarah McGuire to William Woods / Cooper Co.
1 May 1825 Mary McGuire to Lewis Tarwater / Ray Co.
17 July 1836 Jane McGuire to Allen Price / Ray Co.
23 Dec. 1836 Margaret McGuire to John Parker / Cooper Co.
8 Oct. 1818 Jane McGuire to Nehemiah O'Dell / Howard Co.

All counties were listed where the county was known for the marriage.

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