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The Start Of Cocke County
O'Dell's Of Cocke County
The Mother Of Ray County, Missouri

In a book I purchased entitled " Over The Misty Blue Hills "
" The Story Of Cocke County "
Written Originally by Ruth Web O'Dell ( date not known to me )
Revised with new iformation by
Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas Jr. 1982

I found quite abit of information on the mention first settlers of Cocke County
I gleened some of the information for friends online
and left it here for their enjoyment and as an aid to research
(which IS what this site is for )

Please keep in mind that all copyrights belong to the authors and publishers
I will not take any comfort in their rights or authorship, nor their mistakes
It is up to you to prove or disprove this information
that said just click the links below and enjoy
These are all saved in a jpeg format for your ease of use.

Ray County Part One / Ray County Part Two

O'Dell Part One
O'Dell Part Two O'Dell Part Three
O'Dell Part Four O'Dell Part Five
O'Dell Part Six O'Dell Part Seven

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